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The tourist who arrives in Lipari very often does not know exactly what to expect from this island, instead of the right thing to say is that there is something for all tastes.
Lipari is an island, so it's sea and beaches, but it is also the city center, it is nature, is history, art and culture.

If you like sports, the island's coasts have beautiful bays, with amazing sea, where you can go scuba diving or just swimming and sunbathing, enjoying the crystal clear sea and a fantastic natural surroundings ..

Some beaches can be reached by bus, by car others only by sea, with your own boat or fishing boats carrying tourists and summer becoming sympathetic ciceroni, If one day then you do not fancy the sea, or you came in the spring, Lipari offers various paths that will charm you with the beauty of the landscapes and the charm of unspoilt nature and wildlife.

But not all tourists love the labors of the motion or a long walk, then these can easily enjoy the pleasure of shopping in the streets of the city center, or stroll through the narrow streets of the island, some embellished with attractive murals, others are embellished with plants and flowers, many preserved in the traditional architectural structure and therefore very interesting.

Lipari is the story of a thousand-year history, the first inhabitants settled there around 3000 BC We are fortunate to be able to offer visitors to the archaeological and artistic of this long history, and whoever wants to can visit the important archaeological museum, which among other things is at the center of the country, the Castle, from which there is also a splendid view.

If we take the car, or a scooter, you can then go around the island of Lipari which will offer you moments of enjoyment with various viewpoints like Quattrocchi from which you can enjoy the view of the sea and also of the other islands of the 'archipelago.
It 'clear, after what has been said so far, which is really an island to see Lipari, an island that can offer you a pleasant and full of wonderful experiences.


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