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Lipari with its 37,6 square kilometers thus, is the largest of the islands of the Aeolian Islands.
The island offers a holiday adventure in a world that does not have time to discover caves, beaches, coves and magnificent cliffs.

“Meligunis”, so it was called by the ancient Greeks Lipari: Land of sun and sea, surprised by its beauty, the volcanic rocks, the quarries of pumice stone, the spectacular obsidian flows ...
It has two bays: Marina Corta, with Piazza S. Onofrio, full of bars and restaurants on the one hand, while, on the side of the sea, stands the historic Church "Anime del Purgatorio", once isolated on a rock then joined to the mainland; Marina Lunga instead is the largest passenger port and connects Lipari with a fraction of Canneto.

Tourist attraction is the Castle of Lipari: the area in which it stands is known as the "citadel", a Greek acropolis before walled (XIII sec.), Reinforced by Spain's Charles V (XVI sec.) After the looting of the pirate Barbarossa . In the center stands the Cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of the Aeolian Islands, St. Bartholomew: medieval times, was rebuilt during the Spanish, while the façade of the nineteenth century., The adjacent cloister Norman.
The Aeolian Archaeological Museum is housed in different buildings and is divided into sections that trace the history of the islands from the Prehistoric to the classic.

No shortage of natural beauty, then indulged your spirit soothed by the deep caves, picturesque creeks and the imposing cliffs along with a crystal-clear sea. In the evening, then, after enjoying the wonders of the island why not end the season with a good glass of the amber-colored beverage known to all as Malvasia?!


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