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Excursions by sea to Lipari:

Very interesting is the boat ride around the island of Lipari, from which you can admire landscapes worked for millennia and beautiful backdrops. One after the other succeed deep caves, beautiful beaches, high coasts, wide bays and rugged cliffs.
Starting from Lipari you can make day trips to all the Islands .. to live a day of sea and nature in the most beautiful, romantic and adventurer of these wonderful islands.
An unforgettable journey, a unique tourism experience and many beautiful landscapes to capture memories for your book ...

The Overland Tours in Lipari

One of the first things to do, just come in Lipari, is the tour of the island (km 26) , in order to appreciate its size and urbanization. At about 4 km from Lipari meets Canneto , located in a cove bordered to the south and to the north east of the Monte Rosa from Mount Pilatus . From Canneto , along the road that leads to the church of Pirrera , you reach Forgia Vecchia , the Rocche Rosse and Campo Bianco , famous for casting of obsidian the first two , and the expanses of pumice the last one . Continuing along the road leading to Acquacalda you reach Porticello , with its white pumice deposits . After the promontory of Punta Castagna, meets Acquacalda where there is a beach dominated by pumice quarries .

From here begins the climb up the mountain to the village of Quattropani , located on a hill just opposite the island of Salina. Continuing , stands on a plateau planted with vineyards , the village of Pianoconte with its white houses . About a quarter of an hour from Pianoconte , are the Baths of S. Calogero , built in 1867 , and notes right from ancient times for their therapeutic virtues , is attested by the presence of a stove thermal baths built during the ' Bronze Age ( before 1430 BC. Approximately) on the model of Mycenaean funeral tholoi and notes in fact, as the " Tholos " of S. Calogero , and exploited in Greek and Roman times , as documented by the presence of pools . Returning to the main road, you will reach the impressive Belvedere Quattrocchi . From here you can admire the picturesque coves with high coasts , the enchanting view of the Faraglioni and the background of the island of Vulcano.

Again back on the main road , continuing to Lipari, an interesting detour is the path that winds through the vineyards of Monte Guardia. On top of the mountain is the international geophysical observatory .
And for those who love trekking in Lipari there are many trails that cross the island from side to side , you can go anywhere through the ancient paths of the island and a good part of which is still intact.


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